Are #BlackLivesMatter Supremacist?

I’ve criticised #BlackLivesMatter before on their stance of rejecting people for suggesting #AllLivesMatter. Essentially the point I made was that the premises for black lives and black lives only ever not mattering was false. I demonstrated this through examples which prove that it’s not only black people who are subject to bad treatment on account of their race. Not historically, not in the present.

I’ve never addressed BLM’s anti-white sentiments though, of which there are a lot. You can search keywords on Twitter like “white” and “stab” and find an easy handful of comments from BLM supporters of which are anti-white. These I agree, are racist comments and should be combated properly. But we can only do that if we’re looking at the problem that actually exists, and not deluding ourselves into thinking its something else.

I’m talking about people who would claim that BLM’s message is about Black Supremacy. I’ve been arguing on Twitter for a while now about this point.I say arguing, what has in fact been happening is I’ve been repeating myself, as my opposition tries to move the goal posts, without realising that I’m still aiming straight down the centre. Here’s my criticisms of the arguments presented.

The first argument is that black people are saying thing like “I want to stab a white person” on Twitter. This is apparently supremacist according to @MinorityRight. However, its totally not. For it to be supremacy, it must be a statement which amounts to “my race is the best race” which this statement does not. This statement amounts to “your race is bad”.

The next argument is that “if white people were doing X it would be called supremacy”. Which they use amongst examples of the KKK. The key point here is that the KKK believed all races were inferior to white people. This is why they were supremacists, this is literally the key part of the definition of supremacist. Without this fact there is no supremacy. Even if both the KKK and BLM are caught trying to hang a white person, the motivations for their actions are different. One is doing it because they think all races are inferior to their own, the other is doing it because they think white people are bad people. The latter is racism, not supremacy.

Finally we get to “it’s a matter of perspective, when you’re a victim to these crimes, then it can feel like supremacy!” to which I say so? It doesn’t change that it isn’t supremacy just because you feel like it is. It’s awful, its bad, its horrible and its racist, but it isn’t supremacy.

If you wanted to prove that BLM was a supremacist movement, then you would need to provide evidence of people who support the movement suggesting that all races are inferior to black people. Until you can provide evidence of that being not just said by one or two individuals, but supported amongst the BLM community, then it is absolutely and categorically intellectually dishonest to suggest they are supremacists.

Why would someone suggest they’re supremacists? Because supremacists is a lot scarier than racists. Its a larger amount of fear that can be used to control people’s opinions. We can all just shrug off racism and laugh about it, but supremacism? That’s far more sinister, far more scary. Far more power with which to manipulate you with. Do not fall for it. 



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