What a Trump victory tells us

This post isn’t going to be too long, or too expansive. It’s just going to be a short little snippet about the world of politics online and the reasons we are where we are. But yes, here’s a quick post on Trump and what his victory is telling us.

So first of all, we have to accept and understand that part of Trump’s success in the election is down to right wing supporters. But not just any right wing supporters, most notably the alt-right supporters. These differ from the extreme right significantly, and not only provide a strong and tenable option. They tend to do it all while remaining dignified, providing facts, and having discussions with people.

This can be evidenced amongst channels such as The Rebel.Media which are haven for the alt-right. Not to mention the amount of alt-right propaganda and ideology you can find when you search it on social media. They’re a true political force that people, including the DNC have underestimated wildly.

The important thing to note here, is that there is no alternative left movement as such. The only notable and well known lefties are the regressive, SJW types who are arguing about the importance of proper preferred pronouns instead of working on real problems – like a right-wing Trump running for president. The left as we know it currently mostly relies on an appeal to emotion to persuade people into taking its side, which is clearly not sufficient.

This means that even though there are probably lots of people who support left-wing ideas, they still went and voted for the right-wing guy. Because the left-wing ideas they’re being presented with are often regressive left ideas and not really representative of the whole left. The loudest voice is the one that is heard, and unfortunately for left-wing politics the loudest voice just happens to be the screech of SJWs. Left wing people have been pushed towards the right because they’re fed up of the regressive left bullshit, not because left-wing politics are actually bad.

Trump’s victory is evidence that we need to regroup the left-wing, now more than ever. We need a strong, sensible, level-headed and well read left opposition to the growing alt-right. Otherwise we have no strong opposition vs the alt-right and we’ll be subject to whatever they decide. We need an alt-left. Though I’m reliably informed the name “alt-left” is taken by less than savoury individuals, and personally I’ve taken to using the #ReconquistaLeft hashtag on Twitter instead. I don’t always agree with what they say, but at least we can have reasonable discussions with evidence to back up our claims when needed.

Please, if you have left-wing beliefs, speak out. Separate yourself from the poisonous and toxic SJW left that is dragging us and our politics down. Lets regroup, lets be that strong opposition that right now we so desperately need.


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