Hugh Mungus

I’ve kept away from this topic because I like to write about things that haven’t been already covered to death. If I can provide a new nuanced viewpoint on an issue, I’d love to do that, but really everything surrounding this issue has been talked to death. There is no nuance I can apply, nothing I can really contribute to this little social media shit storm.

For those who don’t know, Hugh Mungus, aka Rudy Pantoja is a man who said the words “Hugh Mungus” to a woman. Who then proceeded to lose her crap and claim he was sexually assaulting her and being hostile and violent towards her. The internet has covered why she’s a total moron, and is actively working against her campaign to ruin his life.

I’m supportive of that. Totally. Zarna, the moronic woman in question, has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for her tragic experience. To which crowdfunding campaigns have been started in response to help give money to Rudy instead. Allegedly he has a lot of health concerns and a lot of problems, including potential cancer, but that isn’t why I think we should support him and donate to the campaign.

We need to start sending a message back to SJW people, that we won’t tolerate their harassment. We won’t allow them to trash people who don’t deserve it. We will fight back, and one way we can do that is with our wallets. Lets support Hugh Mungus and fight back against the SJW’s unjust behaviour towards anyone they perceive as hateful or privileged.

So if you can donate, and give some spare cash to Ray, please do. Its one step towards supporting those who SJWs have tried to destroy.



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