So this week I’ve mostly spent talking to TERFs. I did this for you guys and you can thank me later. I wanted to see what they thought so I shook a few angry woman trees and found some answers for you. I figure this way you can save yourself the time and effort it takes to talk to them yourself; and believe me, it takes a whole damn lot of effort. I found it kinda hard to be so restrained in the face of about 30 people, spamming up my notifications and spewing hateful bile all over me. But I did. So here’s my ultimate guide on TERFs.

Firstly, lets address the word TERF shall we? A lot of them hate on this word. They see it as a slur against women, because being a TERF is just about being a woman right? Ridiculous. The amount of times I’ve been told I hate women because I said TERF this week has been crazy. It’s totally not true obviously, that’s just TERF logic for you. So lets get this one straight right out of the gate. TERF is a slur, yes, absolutely. We are using it to denigrate you, but its not about your sex. Nobody is ever called a TERF because they are women, and most women go without ever being called a TERF. The word isn’t anything to do with women, its simply a buzzword for the kind of politics someone has. It’s like “feminist” or “MRA”, just an insulting catch-all term for anyone behaving in the way you’re behaving and believing what you believe. Again, literally nothing to do with you being a woman, just like how MRA isn’t about people being a man.

Now we’ve got that tidbit out of the way, lets move onto some of the other things TERFs have issues with. Such as “safe spaces”. This is stuff like toilets, and depending on your country you will have different laws regarding who can use what spaces. Here in the UK for example, when it comes to privately owned public restrooms etc, the responsibility for policing who goes in and out is down to the owner or operator. It’s not some kind of fundamental right that can never be broken or bent and biological females are just as able to be removed from them by the owner/operator as any trans woman. These spaces don’t belong to you, they belong to the owner and only they will decide who goes in where.

If this is a problem for you then start your own business, create your own spaces that you do have jurisdiction over. That is literally the only way short of legislation that you are going to get what you want. I’ll use whatever bathroom I feel safest in, regardless of your emotions on the matter. Physically assault me and I will press charges. End of.

Since we’re on bathrooms and safety. Here’s an objective study that shows almost 70% of trans people face some kind of discrimination for trying to pee. 9% of which experienced physical assault. Imagine if one in every 10 times you used a public restroom you’d be subject to physical assault, 7 of the other times were verbal abuse and twice out of ten times you just get to pee without being harassed. Imagine that. Here’s more statistics that suggest bathroom assaults do happen, just that 0 cases of transgenders assaulting children have ever been recorded. Children tend to be assaulted by people their own ages, who are people they know. Not strange trans people. Adults have attacked children in Bathrooms, but not trans adults. Articles tend to be misleading about this, especially this one of Reese Hartstirn, which ends with a coy comment about trans people and no picture. Google his name, tell me that’s a trans woman – because that’s just a man baby. And its not just trans people that are assaulted because of your fear mongering, non-trans women are often mistaken for trans women as gender expression is so diverse and biological sex is invisible.

Since we’re on biological sex, as I already covered in my blog post just the other day, there are two sexes and two genders as relating to those. I won’t bore you with the details, but the essential point is that biological sex is invisible, pretty much entirely so. Short of checking inside my underwear – which is a sexual assault – you have no way of proving my biological sex. Unless you want to start funding mandatory DNA tests. If you’re just going to harass anyone you think looks like a biological male, then you’re going to be assaulting a lot of butch women to find 0.015% of the population that are trans women. Here’s a few of the biological women you will probably put in unsafe positions, either through your actions or their fear of your actions.

While we’re on the subject of biological women. Here’s one you advocate for being able to use the same bathrooms as you. He’s a man, but he’s biologically female, so that – in TERFlogic means he’s just a woman and should be allowed access to the ladies like any lady, right? This goes for literally any trans man, which is an amazing google image search, if I’m being totally honest. It’s utterly retarded to argue seeing a trans woman in the ladies bathroom will make victims of sexual assault at the hands of men feel bad, but seeing trans men won’t. Like… really? REALLY?

Finally we get to my favourite of the TERF claims. “There is no scientific evidence for trans people existing!” Lets take a look shall we? Oops, looks like you’re wrong and that actual scientists found some evidence.Of course, this isn’t the be all and end all of trans evidence, its just a seed that means we should keep investigating and researching. Want some more evidence? You get an evidence, in PDF format this time. Fancy. Bet you’re thinking “well they just imagine it and its all stereotypes!” – except no, both of these links show things that mere will alone cannot change.

Which leads us to trans kids. The big WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? And I’m glad scientists are, because TERFs really aren’t, judging by this article which suggests trans kids who socially transition have positive mental health outcomes. And before you say “oh its just parents making them feel that way” nope, here’s a study that suggests entirely other wise.here’s a study that suggests entirely other wise. So you’re wrong on all counts so far TERFs.

That’s going to be my final word on the matter with TERFs. They’re the finest example of intellectual inbreeding, no new ideas are born out of their twisted truths and misrepresentation of facts. They will only pay attention and believe things that support their narrative, this isn’t science or objectivity. It’s cultism. They’re a vampiric movement sucking the blood out of anyone who will give them attention and the best way to deal with them is post this page to them and leave it at that. All the facts are here, and you don’t need to waste your time and energy on arguing with morons who will just find any way to twist it and make you seem hateful. I experienced a lot of this over the weekend, with many of them retweeting me to their time lines to get their echo chamber buddies involved.

This inevitably ended up in dogpiling and at some points I was receiving 200 notifications an hour. From at least 30 TERFs who had all banded together to have a ‘discussion’ with me. Don’t waste your time and feed into their game, just post this link and throw them on ignore. You’re welcome.

Finally, here’s why all of this matters. 2016 isn’t over yet, by a little way yet. Over 30 trans people have been killed as a result of their gender this year. Thirty people have lost their lives because they tried to deal with a medical condition in the best known way possible. For #TransAwarenessMonth lets be aware of those who have died, those who TERFs like to ignore as a relevant. There are far more important things to talk about than arguing with TERFs, I wasted my own time so that you don’t ever have to again. You’re welcome.






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