Missed Irony “The Red Pill”

There’s a film coming out right now and its all a buzz. It’s an MRA film, which stands for men’s rights activists in case you didn’t know. This is obviously causing lots of controversy for what really seems to be no apparent reason. Feminists don’t like it and have had it banned from a cinema out in Melbourne, Australia. The film is set to tackle the troubles men face in the world today, while throwing some shade at the angry feminist and SJW mob, which is probably why they don’t like it.

I’d just like to take this second to say that I don’t condone the censoring of the film. It’s anti-freedom and anti-feminist, as is all censorship. If you want empowered women, you want women with a choice, and blocking them from seeing a film and making their own decision is entirely oppositional to what feminism is all about. I don’t have any real interest in seeing the film and that’s okay too, but even if I was supremely offended by it I would have no right to censor it for other people. I do not make choices on behalf of other people, that’s not okay.

The rest of this post is now going to be about an interesting Matrix fan theory and how it shows that the title of the film has some missed irony. Which has really been giving me the giggles over the last few days. Strap in!

The Red Pill title comes from the film “The Matrix” released in 1999 – there’s one particular scene containing a blue pill and a red pill. Where the blue pill is a metaphor for staying blissfully ignorant in the matrix and the red pill – we’re told at the time, is a metaphor for freedom from the matrix. It symbolises an awakening to reality. This is also where the online meme of “red pill me on ______” comes from, its the idea of wanting to learn the truth about a given subject.

The film uses this title to signify that awakening but in our real world, waking up to the problems that we all face without being politically correct and thought police-y about it. It’s true and brutal reality. Put simply, if you watch the red pill, you will experience your own awakening out of the social justice, politically correct matrix.

However its only in the sequels, the ones people don’t like to acknowledge the existence of, that we learn the true meaning of the red pill. What the Wachowski’s really intended with their decision. This is a popular fan theory covered by a lot of people who will cover it significantly better than I will. In short however, is that the red pill isn’t really an awakening at all. It’s another false reality.

Heres a link to a video by MatPat of YouTube’s Film Theorists channel – and his video on this topic, if you struggle to pick it up from my explanation. It’s a really good channel and gets you thinking super deeply about films you’ve known and loved for years, and even new films coming out now. I honestly suggest anyone take a quick browse because its so worth it. Even if the intro song is excessively long. 

Anyway, the theory states that both “the matrix” world and Zion – the world where people live when they’re not in the matrix, are both false realities created by the machines for control. The idea being that humans have this notion of free will, and some of us, once we know the matrix exists will choose to reject it. To want out of this false reality. The machines on the other hand don’t want to lose us, so they say “yeah sure, lets let you out of the false reality and into this totally real one!”. This is where they pull the wool right down over your eyes. Because you haven’t left the matrix at all, you’re just in a new matrix. One that isn’t a blissful ignorant paradise, but a constant struggle. Something to keep our free will-centric human brains occupied.

This explains a lot of things in the Matrix. Such as The Architects whole speech about destroying the matrix over and over again, but still allowing to be rebuilt. Or Neo’s super powers when he’s in Zion – as he’s a super hero within the matrix, not in reality. It also explains the spoon he receives in Zion. If you cast your mind back to the first film, Neo receives a spoon from a potential candidate for being The One. The spoon is a symbol and is used to explain how nothing in the matrix is real, its all just made of code  which is why it can be manipulated. “Remember, there is no spoon.”

Near the end of the third film, just as Neo is shipping out to go do some Neo stuff – a friend brings him a spoon from an orphan. The spoon being the symbol of a false reality, it doesn’t make a lot of sense why Neo receives this in Zion from the orphan, unless the Zion is also false.

So that’s what makes The Red Pill such a funny title. It’s not symbolising an awakening from the current sluggish social paradigm of political correctness and feminism gone mad. It doesn’t symbolise the truth or reality either. It simply symbolises another paradigm in which you’re stuck fighting to survive every day. You’re not free, you’re still totally under the machine’s control. You just don’t know it.





3 thoughts on “Missed Irony “The Red Pill”

  1. Isaac T. Quill (@TicklishQuill) says:

    Actually – the red pill vs blue pill motif goes all the way back to the 1809 when there was some controversy over whether differing pills made with mercury were more effective.

    “Blue pill” (pilula hydrargyri) Vs “Red Pill” (pilula hydrargyri stibmuriatis)

    Do Homework – Don’t just follow Memes or Woozles (False Evidence By Citation).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cursedeblogger says:

    Thanks for the comment, that’s super interesting stuff, I look forward to reading up about it!

    The purpose of this post was about “The Red Pill” film which was named as a reference to The Matrix, hence this post being about The Matrix. The name comes from the “red pill me on this” meme – which in turn comes from The Matrix film.

    Sorry if there was any confusion, but I’m definitely going to read up on what you said, it sounds pretty cool. Thank you!


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