What is Social Justice?

Sorry if you’re sick of this already, but I really wanted to write this article. Here’s yet another piece on SJWs – again, sorry.

I want to discuss what I think social justice is and why I think SJWs are doing it wrong. It’s sort of a given that SJWs and social justice are one in the same, two sides of the same coin and all that. But that really couldn’t be farther from the truth. See, social justice isn’t what social justice warriors are doing at all.

Lets break the phrase down a little. First we have “social” meaning that it pertains to society. A social event is an event that takes place in society, or pertains to it. Just like how the justice we’re talking about is specifically the “social” kind of justice. Not justice as in legal justice, where criminals are convicted and sentenced for crimes. Nor is it the same as karmic justice – where we see someone committing injustice and then something bad happens to them to tip the scales back into balance, like say… they fall over or something. It’s specifically justice as it pertains or relates to society.

We’ve already touched on the nature of justice too. It’s a reaction to injustice in its shortest form, where we see injustice and have a need to correct it, to bring justice. The two are like yin and yang and so must always go hand in hand. So what does it mean when we put the word social next to justice?

Simple, its a reaction to injustice within society, which we can all easily agree on. Except this is the part where the SJWs start to veer off into their own little pocket of contempt. Whereas most people don’t think that things like… The Doctor in Doctor Who being a man is a really awful injustice that needs to be fixed – SJWs do. This is because justice and injustice are somewhat subjective. Things you might find unjust, I might not have an issue with and vice versa – but that’s where the socialness comes in. See for it to be socially unjust, a lot of people in your society also have to also say “yeah, that is unjust!”.

Which obviously, SJWs have other SJWs to sound their opinions off and get that validation from – they are absolutely convinced they are enacting social justice because they have a society of people that agree on what constitutes injustice. An echo chamber of their own opinions, being thrown back at them.

This is why places like Tumblr, Reddit and the idea of safe spaces are often made fun of, because they host the places where these echo chambers can flourish. They don’t take part in wider society except to butt heads against their perceived injustices.  So its unsurprising when they so fervently defend their opinions – as they’re used to being in the majority opinion, and expect others to join in that too. There is no wiggle room, no compromise; our opinion is right and you will accept it.This is not social justice at all. It isn’t social justice because it doesn’t take into account wider society.

Example, If I’m getting harassed on a bus and a guy steps in to help me – an SJW could see that guy stepping in to save my damsel ass as a “micro-aggression”. “What? You don’t think a woman can look after herself? You think she needs a man? You sexist pig.” Its an injustice that must be corrected to an SJW because they believe that its patronising patriarchy for a man to rescue me. Whereas myself and wider society would see the part where I’m being harassed as the injustice that needs to be corrected – hence why the guy stepped into help. The latter is real social justice, the former is SJW social justice.

SJW is a term that’s really heavily engraved in social media now, and isn’t likely to go away. I just really wanted to write this article to explain the difference between what real social justice is and what an SJW thinks social justice is. I hope I cleared some things up for some people.


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