Toronto Free Speech protest

Here’s another post on the Jordan Peterson fiasco that’s currently unravelling in Toronto, Canadia. For those who aren’t aware, Jordan Peterson, Professor at UoT said some things some people don’t like. So those people are now protesting his right to free speech, because their feelings are hurt. That’s essentially the crux of the whole issue.

However thanks to TheRebel.Media’s Lauren Southern for heading into the eye of the bullshit storm, we have a lot of raw and fresh SJW opinions to dissect a little. Thanks Lauren. So taking it from the top of the video linked, lets see what people have to say for themselves.


“Jordan B Peterson has made it clear that he feels that he has the authority to dictate the gender identities of his students.  We are here to tell him that he does not.”

This is not at all what Jordan B Peterson has said. Peterson quite simply believes that legislation that would mean a fine for using the wrong pronouns is an act against free speech and is wrong. Freedom of Speech being the foundation on which they are able to hold such a protest in the first place.

This is in no way means he believes himself to be an authority on other people’s gender, just that he would like to remain an authority on his own words.Which we can probably all agree on.



SJW: “I’m supportive of the trans community and I think that we listen to trans and non-binary voices first.”
Lauren: “Don’t you think everyone’s opinion matter’s equally?”
SJW: “Not in this particular….”

Gonna assume she was going to say “case” before rambling off into unintelligible sounds. Even so, everyone’s voices are equal – that’s what equality means. I appreciate you think our trans voices are under-represented and under-heard, but I’m a big girl and can make a lot of noise if I try. Look at this blog for example.

I don’t need you or anyone else treating me different to other people, just because I’m trans, please don’t do that.



“If you’re willing to be educated I’m willing to teach.”

In other words, I’m right and I’m not willing to have a discussion or compromise with you. I’m only interested in telling you how I think the world is and nothing else matters. Obey or be destroyed.

Okay maybe a little less dramatic, and in fairness to the uhh… guy? girl? I don’t even know – they did go on to explain why they thought this way. Claiming that being trans means they have the entire authority on what being trans means, and is. Which is entirely false.

I’ve written, subtly, about trans communities before and how they’re filled with misinformation and just down right aren’t accommodating to anyone who thinks differently to the group. Take this example of Miss Transgender UK losing her title for “not being transgender enough” in the organiser’s opinion. Which is proof alone that trans people are not the ultimate opinion on what’s trans or not. Since wearing boxer shorts was enough to rule her out.

Not even to mention that almost literally every single scientific article regarding trans has been thoroughly researched and written by an overwhelming amount of non-trans people.

Its totally foolish to think that just because you’re not part of the group you can’t understand and learn about that group. I’m not black, but I sure as heck can learn about the struggles of black people and I can learn why racism is bad – even without ever talking to a black person about it.

“what Peterson said is that he would not acknowledge our pronouns”

Which again, is wrong. He didn’t say this – he said it shouldn’t be put into legislation that he must use alternative pronouns. Free speech and all that.

“A trans masculine person in a dress… talking to transphobes is never safe. Whether its physical or verbal”

This is just a clutter of words. I think the start of this sentence was meant to go somewhere else and they switched out half way to another sentence. Either way, the point here is that they’ve written him off as a transphobe – based on falsely representing what he’s said. For this reason they believe they are not “safe” to talk to him. Which again, really doesn’t make a lot of sense. He’s not a transphobe, but even if he were, what indication has he given you that you’re unsafe around him?

You can’t just say people are threatening towards you if they aren’t actually doing anything that can be construed as threatening.

“I’m not willing to have a discussion about whether or not I’m real and valid.”

Again, not something he disagrees with – he just doesn’t think that legislation should restrict free speech in this way. I too probably wouldn’t use they/them pronouns to address people. I don’t deny your existence, you are real, you do have the feelings you say you have about your gender. But all the same, should legislation force me to use specific words to talk to you just because it might hurt your feelings if I don’t? Heck no.

Sometimes people say stuff that can hurt your feelings, and with all those tears you’re crying about it. You should really consider building a bridge and getting the heck over it.

So that’s the end of that. I’m pretty sure my forehead wrinkles are a total result of cringing so much through this. The point of this article was that I wanted to show the total hypocrisy of the SJW community at this event. As you can see, they want a real authority to speak on the issues they know most about – yet they either purposefully misrepresent the issue, or are clearly not the authority that needs to speak on the issue. Since they don’t even know the reason for Peterson’s outrage at all.

Peterson didn’t say the things they are protesting about, however they’ve seen his defence of free speech as an attack on their rights personally – and that really isn’t the case at all. Peterson is defending the very platform on which Trans rights, Gay rights and Women’s rights etc over the decades have been built on. The platform of free speech. If you think he’s sexist, transphobic, racist or a bigot or whatever you’re sincerely mistaken and I urge you to put aside the SJW rhetoric and listen to him yourself. 



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