Blog advice and future focus

This blog was never something I did for success. It was meant to be just a space where I could write about things in my life and get them out of my head. A coping mechanism for my somewhat overactive anxiety ridden brain. Yet I’ve had some minor success and I won’t lie, the days where I get hundreds of views really do make me feel good, and it would be wrong to say I didn’t chase that feeling a little.

At first I kept the blog totally anonymous because it was convenient for me. It made sense to keep distance between my identity and the words I was saying, because I don’t believe the two really have much influence over each other. A black person can have racist anti-black views and beliefs as much as a white person can. This has always been something I’ve stressed in posting on Twitter arguments too – it doesn’t matter who you are, it matters what you believe.

But as time goes on it gets harder and harder to remain identity free, I can’t fight that I am who I am [cue music]. There are lots of occasions where I’ve written about things where my identity could provide credibility. Which is always bound to happen since I write about things that bother me, and so my identity is somewhat intrinsically linked to what I’m writing about.

Not just that but my blog lacks focus, its kinda a mess of thoughts, which is the opposite of what it was supposed to achieve. It was supposed to be a way of tidying my thoughts up and I really think that I need to change something to help create a focus. That’s why I’ve decided to change my blog a little.

The best advice I ever received in my blogging adventure so far is this: “Write what you know”, so for that reason you can expect more blogs about transgenders and transgender issues. Yeah, I’m trans, was the whole time. It’s not a big deal and as I already wrote in a blog post about #NationalComingOutDay – nor should it be.

Amongst blog posts that contain a little more me and a little less of what I’ve been doing so far. I’m going to rearrange the site a little, delete some old posts that I was never really a fan of writing in the first place and all around try to hone in on that nice tidy focus. I hope you stick around to keep reading.


Cursed E.



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