NYC law forbids “misgendering”

This week in totally retarded, NYC have tweaked their guidelines surrounding gender discrimination, to include misgendering. This means that if you intentionally misgender someone you could be landed with fines reaching as high as $250,000. So what is misgendering?

Misgendering is a term used amongst trans communities, and refers to the idea of people calling them a gender they are not. So if you see a trans woman, calling her a man would be “misgendering” her. This is obviously distressful to the trans woman, and causes great offence. Misgendering is often used as a way to “trigger” people and upset them online. As is “deadnaming” where you refer to someone by their old name before they legally changed it.

This also affects pronouns – and more importantly, the idea of preferred pronouns. See, there’s a big movement going on right now, where people are all about what pronouns they like to be called, and these range from your standard, he & she, all the way to the absurd and wild like Zhe/Zo/Zhir. If you refuse to refer to someone as “Zo” then you may be subject to a fine.

Because apparently free speech is less valuable than someone’s feelings. Well fuck you, you mental tranny morons. Yeah, I said that. Are you offended? Going to pass a law against my blog?  Gonna start some petitions because you’re upset? That’s my free speech and I will use it however I want to, that’s the free part of it.

If we refuse free speech and expression, then we refuse the very foundation on which trans people have been given the rights to campaign for better medical care, support and visibility. All of the recent media awarness of Trans people is as a direct result of free speech, as a direct result to campaigning and protesting, as a direct result of their own free expression of their gender identity. It’s totally absurd that people who have benefit so much from free speech would be the ones to try and close it down, now that it’s being used to hurt their feelings.

Is it nice when people misgender you? No, its not. Nobody enjoys it – well, closet trannies might, but unfortunately, you cannot control what other people say about you. Nor should you try to. If people don’t believe in the idea of multiple “preferred pronouns” such as Zhe/Zo/Zhir then they absolutely shouldn’t be forced to – that’s fascism. Not freedom. You cannot exercise your own freedom while taking other’s away, that’s not okay.

To me, this idea of pronouns is kinda like religion. You either believe in it or you don’t, but its wrong of those religious people to try and force feed you their religion, to make you pray when you don’t believe in prayer. Your non-participation in their beliefs doesn’t mean their beliefs are invalid, wrong or shouldn’t be had. It doesn’t alter anything at all. So why should you have to change your behaviour to appease them? Nobody has to pray because a christian says “lets all pray” – so why should other people have to take part in your beliefs and refer to you as Zo when they don’t believe in that?

I believe in freedom, with all the good and bad that comes with it. You cannot have freedom for some, but not others – that is not freedom. So either you want your freedom of speech or you don’t – what’s it gonna be trannies?






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