No platforming is dumb

You may have heard of this practice, its kinda rife at the moment. Calls to “no-platform” guest speakers at universities and other institutions ring out whenever a controversy happens. In recent times in Blighty its happened to both ancient feminist Germaine Greer after her comments on trans people, and wig wearing tangerine squinter, Donald J Trump, after well… anything he ever said.

This practice is done to not give  disagreeable people a platform on which to spread their hateful messages, hence no-platforming. Its often a tool employed by social justice warriors (SJWs) or the feminist movement that has infected universities. The feminists and SJWs who both claim to want equality for everyone, complain about their voices not being heard, then silence the voice of other people. All without seeing the irony of that.

This isn’t why I think its dumb as heck though. The reason I’m writing this post isn’t because feminists and SJWs are idiot hypocrites, its because they don’t understand the impact of their actions.

See, feminism and SJWs both want to protect the free agency, equality and choices of people. Feminism in particular claims to be “for equality” – despite only ever looking into how women can become more equal with men. Even so, its aims are to empower women, give them the independence and freedom to choose what they do with their lives. The whole idea being society and women are oppressed by patriarchal views, which makes women think they need to behave certain ways to be valuable, ie if you’re not skinny and attractive you’re bad. Feminism and SJWs both try to change this idea, saying even if you’re fat and ugly you can be valuable – its about what you decide to do, not what you look like.

All of this is a little rich, considering their rampant attempts to no-platform people. This fundamentally removes that free agency and choice they’ve fought so hard for. If a group of people force a no-platform of someone they don’t like, then do I have a choice in whether I get to go see that person’s speech? No, no I don’t, this goes for anyone. Even the women that SJWs and feminists claim are so oppressed.

SJWs and feminists don’t get to decide what I do with my time and my life any more than the patriarchy do. Yet when they cause things like no-platforming, they remove my free agency to decide whether I want to hear those things or not. The same goes for for pretty any form of censorship ever – this is why I don’t like it.

I love having the freedom to choose, whereas feminists and SJW don’t care about that. They care about creating their perfect safe space that is just as bigoted, biased and unfair as the systems they fight against. Only this time they’re the ones benefiting from it.

Censorship is never a tool of protection, it is never a tool of safety, it is never a tool of progressive behaviour. It is always used to hide some form of truth from the viewer. It’s dishonest and deceitful right from the get go. No-platforming is just another form of censorship. If you remove everything that you don’t like, you’re left with an echo chamber of your own opinions, this is feminism in the modern age. It’s a cult that has taken root in universities and is subverting people’s free will and choices, by only allowing them the ability to take part in discussions they approve of.

Stand up against no-platforming, censorship and the cult of modern day feminism, allow yourself to be truly empowered and choose what you want to do, see and hear. Or you know, don’t, I can’t really make you.




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