“You lost, we’re leaving, shush”

Quitter arguments don’t really get much better than the above. I seem to see this one around a lot every time I post about Brexit. I was remain, so when I post about Brexit from my remain point of view, you betcha I’ll be inundated with the above. But, does it really make any sense?

No. No it does not. Just like people shouting “YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY”. While they try to force you to give up your position, in a fascist move so laden with irony, that it becomes seriously hard to tell whether they’re being serious or not. See that’s my problem with this. Democracy means I get a vote and I get to have my opinions. I get to air them, I get to discuss them, and they sure as hell shouldn’t be silenced. The same democracy is what the quitters used to initiate a referendum in the first place.


Yet for some reason, that democracy is now not allowed to the opposition because we had a vote and it didn’t go the way we wanted? Heck no. Opposition doesn’t just stop when it doesn’t win, if that were the case then we wouldn’t need a shadow cabinet. Corbyn wouldn’t need to get up on a podium every Wednesday to metaphorically battle the dark side of the force. As Ian Hislop said on Question Time; When a party loses the general election they don’t just say “oh well that’s fine, I’ve got nothing to say for five years now.”  If opposition just stopped after one defeat, we would be stuck with fascism. One set of people making the rules for everyone, whether they like it or not. For democracy to exist, there must be opposition.

Is that what Quitters voted for? Is that the democracy they cling to so dearly? Because it sure as shit isn’t the democracy I believe in.


My voice won’t be silenced. My resolve won’t be broken. My opposition will not fall, and you can bet your ever devaluing bottom pound sterling – I’ll be campaigning for this whole Brexit shit to just go away.

If that’s not something you can deal with, then please, stop trying to argue the democracy idea – because you don’t actually like democracy. What you like is called fascism.



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