Corbyn “unelectable” : Origins

This is going to sound like such a conspiracy theory, but in light of the recent Labour Leadership election that Corbyn won. The fact that the SNP smashed Labour out of Scotland, proving left-wing politics are very electable and the mountains of people claiming in despite of all evidence that he’s unelectable. I think we need to take a look at the source of this idea.

So that’s just what I did. I tried to track it down, to the source. Emphasis on the tried. I’m still not really certain who said it. Here are some of the earliest sources I could find though:


15 July 2015 – The Telegraph – This article is a sarcastic article about Corbyn, but does refer to him as “voter repellent” and then says a vote for Corbyn  will condemn the party to roam in the political wilderness for years. ie, its a bad thing to vote Corbyn. 

19th June 2015 – – Craig doesn’t call Corbyn unelectable, he references the media claiming he’s unelectable. No evidence for the claim other than “left-wingers ew!” and no sources for which media company he took the quote from. Funnily enough though, he does predict that the “unelectable meme will intensify”.

17th June 2015 – Toby Young for The Telegraph – This is the long form of the other Telegraph article which encourages Conservatives to join Labour and vote for Corbyn to ensure a Conservative victory in 2020.

15th June 2015 – John Mann MP’s Twitter – Here’s John Mann MP saying Corbyn’s candidacy means labour will never win again. 

5 June 2015 – Dan Hodges for The Telegraph – Dan Hodges in a lot of words basically claims that voting for Corbyn and his hard-left politics means the destruction of the Labour Party and that Corbyn “can’t win.” No evidence other than his own opinions for this.

I’m not sure of the source of this, it seems to have just sprung into existence around June and July of 2015. Though whenever its said there are a few facts to notice. There is never evidence for the claim that he is unelectable, and it’s often written in quotation marks, despite no source ever being given for the quote.

I’m going to carry on looking for hard evidence of its origins, but for now I can safely conclude that this whole thing has just been an attempt to undermine Corbyn’s chances. I guess it’s kind of like a rumour, if enough people keep repeating it, then it becomes easier to believe. It’s a dirty tactic, as are the tactics of The Telegraph, who actively encouraged undermining democracy by getting Conservatives to vote for the “unelectable” Corbyn. Which holy shit… I did not expect to see, I had no idea they were so right-wing and anti-Corbyn. They have several articles I didn’t post about hating on Corbyn, they really went for it on trying to take him down early. Jesus.

I guess the plan backfired in their scummy little faces though, Corbyn is growing as the nation’s favourite, and the idea that he’s unelectable has become laughable misinformation that everyone is aware of.




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