Rape and Victim Blaming

These are some hot topics that usually end up as one topic together. For the most part, I agree wholly with the idea that we should never blame the victim for the crime that was committed against them. Whether that’s being robbed or being raped. It wasn’t your fault, it was the fault of shitty people. We can all agree to that.

Except that logic enables the SJW and feminist crowd to say things like:


I’m not sure what Samantha aka Yikes was trying to achieve with this comment. Yes, it is sad that rapists exist. We’re all very aware of that. However Sam’s comment seems to be trying to undermine the important message of Walsh’s comment. Walsh’s comment being that its sad that we’re not allowed to tell people to take care of themselves, else we’ll get a bunch of angry feminists/SJWs telling us we’re such bad people for victim blaming.

The logic behind this is that rapists are the ones doing the bad thing, so why should non-rapists have to alter their behaviour to avoid being raped? Right? Which I guess makes sense. We should be able to get black out drunk, then stumble home safely. We should be able to trust those around us not to sexually assault us while we’re unconscious. Yet the facts are that we can’t. Rapists do exist, and they will take advantage of you if they’re given half a chance – no it’s not your fault that rapists exist, nor is it your fault that you got targeted.

But if you can take precautions that lessen your chance of being raped, then why not do it? Why not avoid getting black out drunk? Why not avoid being on your own at parties with people you don’t trust very well? Why not avoid walking home alone through dark alleys? Why not avoid leaving your drinks on the table at a bar unattended? All of these are potential weak links in your chain of events, and a rapist can and will take advantage of those weak links – it makes no sense to say “no, I don’t want to change my behaviour at all, rapists should just not rape” – because rapists don’t care about what you think they should or shouldn’t do. Hence the lack of consent part of the rape.

So yeah, it’s not blaming the victim to say they shouldn’t get piss drunk and walk home alone through a sketchy part of town. You know bad people exist, you know bad people will take advantage of you, and it’s shortsighted and dumb to not protect yourself against it. If we could guarantee there would be no rapists, or no people to take advantage of you – you’d be right. It would be shitty of people to tell you to take better precautions for yourself. Since the opposite is happening, and we can only confirm that rapists are guaranteed to exist – then you should shut up whining and make sure you look after yourself.

Again, not that you would be to blame if you got raped, just that you can minimise your chances if you take precautions. You don’t live in a world of rainbows and unicorns, stop pretending like we do.




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