Pokemon Go Plus

I just wanted to register my displeasure at this device so here’s a quick post.

Pokemon Go Plus is a device that for about $40 you can buy and pair with your mobile device. With this new $40 purchase you will be notified of nearby pokemon and pokestops, and have the ability to catch/spin without ever having to pull out your phone. That’s literally all it does.

Now… what’s annoying about this is that because of this being a feature item they have sold for money, its unlikely these features will come to the main game. You know, as they rightly should have been already. Lots of people are criticising the game for having not installed a run in background feature which notifies you of pokemon and pokestops as you approach them. With fairly decent reasoning, the biggest of all being oh my god how much battery would that even save I could play Pokemon Go for so much longer.

It doesn’t make sense to have not put this feature in the game, unless of course you’re planning to sell that feature to people as a wristband for $40. Which is what they did. Pokemon Go Plus is nothing but a shameless cash grab from a company that, given the huge success of Pokemon Go, doesn’t really need a cash grab at all.

But this is just the latest in the spate of companies creating a great product, but leaving out key and intuitive features that everyone wants. Just so that they can charge you for them later. This is not like… buying a car that doesn’t already have an audio jack and phone charger and being upset about that. This is about companies as huge as YouTube, owned by Google, who are mega huge, pulling stunts like YouTube red. Where they are literally charging people for the ability to run an app in the background, rather than have to have it front and centre at all times for it to work.

How do we combat this? Whine and complain loudly, and most of all, don’t buy the product. I use Spotify instead of YouTube to listen to music, and I won’t be buying Pokemon Go Plus either. If you want my money then being underhanded and with-holding features that should rightly be there in the first place isn’t the way to get it.


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