Ever been worried about Sharia Law?

Its one of those much debated things in the UK. We have a small but somewhat rising Islamic population, and they often tend to be really packed into small areas in a very dense manner. This has caused problems in the past, with sharia courts, islamic converts pushing for “sharia zones” and areas of huge islamic density which American news translates to “no-go zones”. But should we worry about sharia law?

In a way, yes, but it’s not what you think. Sharia Law in the UK, and the Sharia courts that already exist have to operate within the confines of our British law. That means that you can’t cut someone’s hands off for stealing, because cutting people’s hands off is illegal.  Instead our Sharia Courts in the UK take advantage of a conflict resolution method in business law. The law is meant for two arguing businesses to meet up with a unbias third party who is legally trained. The third party then hears the conflict and makes a legally binding decision on who owes who what and why. So say Kelloggs get annoyed at people calling their off brand Corn Flakes, Flake Corns and using an inverted Kellogg’s chicken image.  This method could tell Flake Corns they are to pay Kellogg’s a fine to make up for their lost business and to change their branding. Easy, peasy, right?


Sharia courts instead make this into a civil fight. Meaning, between civilians, not just like… two people slapping each other with gloves. So if Mr Jones’ teenager kicks a ball through Mr Smith’s shop window. The court could order Mr Jones’ to pay for the window somehow. This could either just be in cash, or by helping out in the shop until the damage is repayed. Both parties have to agree on using this method before it can be used, and its quicker and easier to solve problems than lengthy and costly court appearances. So yeah, easy peasy!

Except… this isn’t the “sharia law in the UK” that I’m worried about. See, I was reading Facebook this morning, minding my own business. When I scrolled upon this image:


Just like me, you can easily see there’s 990 comments on it. So, like me, you’re probably hoping that’s a good split between the yes/no camps and maybe, just maybe there is some humanity left out there somewhere…


Your heart kinda sinks as you read it right? Especially some of the more lengthy answers, such as Mike Corten. Who literally offers to murder people in his spare time as he is “looking for a part-time job”. Like are you actually kidding me!? Just as bad are the “they deserve to suffer” and my personal favourite of the ones I managed to read before just giving up hope for our species:


Which has one like. One person saw this comment and thought “yes I agree with this” and liked it. That’s just… sick.

The reason I titled this post like this is because of the striking similarity between what some of these people want to happen vs the similarities of Sharia Law in the middle east. Things like having your hands cut-off for stealing is mentioned in Sharia Law, just as how its mentioned in this comment thread:


Nice one Neil.  I’m not saying child molesters shouldn’t receive punishment for their crimes, but to go to this extent makes you no better than the people you want to lock up. Even if you really believe you are. I don’t personally know what is best to do with child molestors and killers, but a hell of a lot of therapy to try and understand them better wouldn’t go a miss. Neither would trying to rehabilitate them into functional members of society again.

One thing I can say for sure is that I’m definitely not advocating dismemberment in anyway shape or form. Nor do I think that banding together as a society to kill the members we don’t like of that society is a good idea. We’ve tried this countless times across history, from burning people on pyres, to the witch trials, to crucifixion. We still have the problems of crime, you can’t just kill it until it disappears. Isn’t it time we better understand them so we can prevent them in future rather than killing off our only clue to solving this problem?

Anyway, if you’re worried about Sharia law in the UK, then look no further than your white British neighbours. 99% of them advocate sharia law practices here in Blighty for dealing with crime and criminals.



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