JK Rowling on Jeremy Corbyn

JK, author of my whole generation’s favourite book and film series – Harry Potter, has lashed out against Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter today. Claiming that “all polls ever” indicate he can’t win an election and that its “not bloody funny”. JK is a Labour supporter, and thanks Labour for being there during times when she had to go hungry in order to feed her children. So I feel a little kinship with her, as my own parents are roughly the same age and lived through the same problems during the 90s and early 2000s.

One of my strongest memories to this day, is the day my mum took me, my older sister and younger brother to the local Asda supermarket with nothing but a couple of pounds in her purse. She bought a scratch card with one of them, saving the other two or three to buy bread so we could eat something. Fortunately her gamble paid off, and we were actually able to eat that week with the £50 prize money from the card. That’s the setting for my childhood, it got a lot better as we moved around council estates and eventually ended up in a decent to average area. It was there that I had my first experience with Harry Potter, reading a copy of The Chamber of Secrets I had loaned from a neighbour. Obviously, not being well off enough to buy my own copies nor living anywhere close to a public library – and by close I mean, within travelling distance for a lone 9 year old in the late nineties.

So, its kinda hard for me to hear someone who clearly has had similar experiences with the borders of poverty as I have, who can’t see Corbyn as a positive force in UK politics. Especially someone who I’ve grown to respect hugely as an adult, not least for the charity work she does, but also the time she takes out to talk to fans. So I just wanted to address why I think that Corbyn is a good option for PM here in the UK, and JK, I hope you give this a quick read. (Mostly because that would be like…a dream come true “JK Rowling is reading my blog, kill me now so I can die happy.”)

Anyway, first of all, when I first heard about Corbyn, it was through the BBC slagging him off on air for not singing the national anthem during some ceremony. It was a really odd thing to bring up about a politician, because it simply just doesn’t matter if he sings the national anthem or not. Yet mainstream media were trying to crucify him for it, just as they did when he didn’t wear a tie that one time, or most recently when they focused on Branson’s backlash regarding Corbyn’s train vlog. Everyone seems to want to take Corbyn down, everyone who stands to lose something anyway. Mainstream media and multi-billionaires, and tory politicians seem to be on a straight up witch-hunt to get people to hate Corbyn. That’s not what I see when I look passed all this smoke and mirrors misdirection trying to get you to see Corbyn as evil. I see what they all see, a threat to their power structure.

Why else would our Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, literally take something Corbyn said out of context, and use it to define him as a “threat to national security”? It’s a smear campaign, a witch hunt, that has been out to get Corbyn from day one.

Putting aside the obvious smear campaign, here are some of the key things I think you should know about Jeremy Corbyn before writing him off as a potential candidate for the next leader of our country:

He wants state schools run by local councils where students should be given grants. As well as teaching children to play musical instruments or take part in performance arts.  He doesn’t believe Trident should be replaced. He thinks the deficit should be paid off but rather than squeezing pennies from cutting services and taxing the poor, it should be paid off through increased taxes to the rich and clamping down on tax evasion/avoidance. He thinks the salaries of high earners should be capped. He was anti-brexit, but pro reform for the EU. He thinks NATO needs a serious conversation regarding it’s powers.

The NHS should be a truly national  health service, with an end to private finance initiatives. The Falklanders should remain British, though some degree of joint administration with Argentina would be beneficial. Private rents should be controlled and linked to local income, more council houses should be built and private tenants should get the right to buy. He believes in a united Ireland. He doesn’t care for the monarchy but wouldn’t abolish it due to “other priorities”. Refugees fleeing danger zones in desperation should be given somewhere safe to live in the UK. The railways should be re-nationalised as should our energy suppliers.

source: indy100 @ the independent

You’re right in one respect JK – nobody will vote for him –  if people continue to aid the witch hunt against him, people of note like yourself. If you think, based on the above and ignoring the constant smear campaign and attacks against him, that he could be a leader worth voting for – then please, support him. The more support Corbyn gets, the safer our NHS is, the better our railways can be, the cheaper our energy bills could be. I implore you, look passed the grimey layer of tory led media misdirection and see the real man behind the shit that’s constantly flung at him. Corbyn has my vote, could he ever have JK Rowling’s?

Thanks for reading.







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