Corbyn vs Branson; Virgin trains

So this is topical enough to write a blog about, and its something that’s annoying me right now which makes it fulfill both criteria I have for writing this kind of blog post. This is the story of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader, who took a journey on a train. Yep. That’s what this fuss is all about.

From Corbyn’s perspective, he got on the train and all the seats were full so he sat in the corridor and made a vlog about it. Like all good millennials. Here’s Corbyn’s video, as you can see in the video Corbyn goes onto say that “this is a problem that many passengers using trains face everyday” in reference to the fact that he’s sitting on the floor of a train with no seats for him, despite paying full price to ride.

Branson and Virgin trains have hit back though, claiming that the seats weren’t full and there was plenty of space. Even going as far as to release CCTV in what is possibly an illegal decision – to prove that Corbyn took a seat on the train. Now the video released by Virgin has been torn to pieces by other bloggers and I’m not going to get into the details of why, instead you can read that here. My blog post today is going to be about the point that everyone seems to be missing, except for Corbyn…

He says it himself in his own words while sitting on the floor in that corner…. In case you missed it like hundreds of people online and Virgin already have…


And he’s spot on. It really is a problem that many passengers face every day on the trains. I’m a regular citizen too, and I take trains a lot. There are times where I’ve had to sit or even stand through lack of room to sit on crowded trains. There are times where trains are delayed or cancelled causing more people to fit onto the trains that are coming. Regardless of whether it was actually happening to Corbyn in that moment or not, it is a real problem that happens to real people on real trains, really.

All of this is compounded by the fact that train fares rise every year, and are at extortionate prices. Some trains cost three times the amount for the same journey as our European counterparts like France. The idea that you could somehow try and defend the trains in the UK in any way shape or form is totally ludicrous. There are literally millions of Brits chortling loudly at you right now.

So Dicky B aka Richard Branson – don’t let your company and your own fairly good name get dragged down with this. Own up to it. Yes, the train service in the country is awful, with people having to pay extortionately high prices for the privilege of standing or sitting on the floor. Whether that happened to Corbyn in that particular video or not is largely besides the point and its not something we should be debating, instead we should be looking at the problems he’s pointing out. The trains are fuckin’ awful. Now is your time to stand up and say “yeah, and we’re working on it” not try and smear a politician for raising a point that many people deal with every day – that’s kind of, literally, his job.

Your job is to make the trains run well, out of the two of you, you’re the one who fucked up Branson.


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