What I’d like to see in Pokemon Go

There are two real reason I’m writing a post about Pokemon Go. First and foremost is that I mostly spend my time writing about things I’ve seen in currents events and media that I disagree with. Things that annoy me enough to want to step up and say “HEY NO YOU WAIT A MINUTE BUB.” Second however is purely tactical. Pokemon Go is huge right now, and my first Pokemon Go blog post regarding Niantic’s decision to close Pokevision garnered hundreds of views in a day. I was super happy with myself. I doubt this post will reach that level, but if it does, maybe someone at Niantic will be amongst the crowd to hear my suggestions.

First of all, obviously, is social media presence. The brick wall we’ve been getting from Niantic hasn’t been fun. The game came with no tutorial and so most of the things we know currently have been pure speculation, combined with data mining the apk for information. There are lots of things we still don’t know and would like to, this is what gamers do, we get immersed in video games. We need to know how everything works so that we can max our grinding techniques and there is a lot of grinding to be done. I’m currently on 94,000 xp of 100,000 towards level 23. I’m not saying the social media presence should spill the beans entirely, but having someone there to help guide players along their Pokemon adventure would be really good. Ash had professor Oak afterall, why don’t we have anyone?

I’d also like to see social media presence for each of the team leaders. The teams right now are disjointed, unconnected, with people making their own Pokemon groups on social media to fill the gap. Except there are thousands of these groups, all vying for the number one spot, rather than an official group which would be the number one spot from the get go. It would be nice to get information and tips from Candela, my team leader. #teamvalor4lyfe

This could be something as simple as a few Twitter accounts where we can occasionally tweet with our team leaders. Just a little more reality to augment, right?

Next up on my suggestions is really simple and easy. I call it, operation fuckpidgeys. It extends to weedles and caterpies too. They are the most common pokemon to spawn in pretty much any given area, and I’m okay with that, let them spawn and I will ignore them when I don’t need them or want them. Fair enough! BUT, one thing I would like to see changed, is these three being part of the 2km eggs. I live in a fairly rural area, we get a decent amount of pokemon, and some good rares too every now and then, but its a far cry from the slightly bigger town nearby which has easily 4x the pokestops, mobile activity and pokemon spawns. There’s nothing more annoying than to have walked 2km, hoping to get one of the starters or even just a jigglypuff, for it to pop and be a pidgey. The three pokemon who evolve at 12 candies don’t deserve to be in the same ranks as pikachu, squirtle, bulbasaur and charmander. Not one bit.

I’d suggest creating a separate egg type, the 1km egg. You can’t delete eggs or get rid of them, so you have to hatch them anyway, all this would do is A) adjust the value of walking to better fit the pokemon you’re hatching and B) not make you super disappointed that your 2km egg that could’ve been a pikachu was actually a pidgey. Furthermore, with this in place the potential to open up egg trading becomes realistic. Because eggs are mystery boxes, you don’t trade by contents, you trade by distance instead. So if you had a 5km egg, I could give you two 2km eggs and a 1km egg in exchange for it. Trades would have to be accepted by both teams, but its a nice way for people to better focus on the pokemon they want to catch, and allows people to interact through another from of trading.

Finally, a suggestion for the tracker. We all know about the tracker scandal, and how Niantic have badly handled telling everyone why they shutdown Pokevision and other similar sites. We’re all fully aware of how hard it can be to collect pokemon without having any vague idea where they actually are, and we’re all aware of how much this sucks. We want some form of tracking and its frustrating to players who had a tracker on day one, but have since been blinded. Admittedly Niantic had good reasons for shutting down the trackers, reasons they neglected to actually communicate with anyone for a long time, causing more anger and upset, but I digress. Here’s what I want to see from the tracker.

In the trailer, you might remember a scene where it states a Pikachu is around 200m away then points an arrow. This is really reminiscent of basically every proximity marker in video games ever. It’s a perfect system, it shows you the direction to move in and how far in a straight line you are away from that. Your job is to move in the direction the arrow says  until the number reaches 0. Easy.  I imagine this is where they’re going with their tracker eventually, and its not a difficult system to implement. It takes drawing a straight line, calculating distance, then pointing an arrow along the straight line. The app then refreshes and updates the line between you and your target every now and then, recalculating distance and direction as you go.

The only problem with this method is how taxing it could be on the server. The whole reason Niantic is blocking third party trackers is to help their servers get by while they release the game worldwide, so that they can fix it afterwards. The servers are getting more stable every day, and eventually something like this could be a real thing.

So that’s my quick list of things I want to see in Pokemon Go, let me know what you think and hit me up with your suggestions too. Happy hunting fellow trainers.



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