Olympic proposal

This is mostly a RE post, in response to an article from Tom Spender at the BBC. Who tries to argue that the proposal we saw at the Olympics to silver medalist He Zi was some how an anti-feminist move, to signify male ownership of women.

Yep. That’s right. The article goes on at length, analysing the scene and context surrounding the scene, just looking for excuses to say “THIS ISN’T FEMINIST!” its frankly embarrassing to read. It’s all speculation, using phrases like the below – which are actually taken directly from the article. I did not make them myself, these are actual things Tom Spender has written about this.


The fuck are you doing Tom? She’s a silver medalist who just got proposed to – in a way that a lot of Chinese proposals take place, very publicly and very big. It’s a show in China and they really love to perform. If Zi wanted to say no or anything, she could’ve done so- it’s not up to you to decide that she would be cruel and unloving to do so – nor is it up to us since we have literally no idea about their relationship whatsoever.  Yet that’s what you wrote, you wrote that she had no choice but to say yes because of the above social outcry at seeing the man rejected.

That is very un-feminist indeed. Women shouldn’t have to make decisions based on what society thinks they should do, you’re correct, but you don’t actually know society is forcing her hand here at all. You’re just speculating and trying to stir the drama pot so you can get more views from one of the most active internet demographics out there – whiny teenage white girls from middle-class families.

You’re manufacturing this grimy and seedy dark world as you please, just so you can garner views easily, and it’s actually disgusting that you’d use the BBC platform to do this. If you want to write crappy little smutty articles like the one you’ve written there, I suggest you get yourself a wordpress – where you’re not representing the views of anyone but yourself. Sign up today, and I’ll even give you a place on my blog to write whatever the hell you like.

Just don’t use the ivory tower of the BBC to try and manipulate people into seeing a marriage proposal as something dark and horrible when it really isn’t at all. That’s not cricket.





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