The glaring problem of Suicide Squad

I haven’t seen the film and I don’t intend to. I know right? How can I write a blog about a film I haven’t and probably won’t ever see. Well my devoted audience and friends, that’s simply just how glaring this issue really is.

Critics and reviewers alike have slammed yet another DC film for being crappy, and given the last few in the DCEU I’m not surprised. One YouTuber even had an existential crisis about her whole career and interests to the point where I actually think she started crying. Yes, the DCEU is that bad. So I’m totally unsurprised when I read critic reviews of Suicide Squad.  They all seem to say the same thing, that its a total mess, which is really obvious just looking at the concept of it.

DC and WB have tried to introduce multiple huge characters from the DC canon in one film. You could easily do an origin film for each of those characters at full feature length and still not have covered everything – yet DC tried to shoehorn all of this into one film. The result is what we’re given, a mess of plots, characters and ideas all painted up with this edgy style that’s totally out of touch with anyone – and is somewhat offensive to actually tattoo’d people who don’t really enjoy being seen as villains just for having tattoos.  Clearly a design choice made by a conservative.

This idea of mashing all the characters you need to introduce into one film doesn’t really work out very well and smacks of DC trying to copy what Guardians of The Galaxy managed to achieve, they even threw in the feel good pop song soundtrack. This might have worked with Marvel’s goofy random rogues teaming up to save the Galaxy in the MCU, but it doesn’t really work DC’s Suicide Squad at all. DC is known for its heavy emphasis on psychology and characters, if you want a really deep, philosophical and psychological story, DC is where you go. For the more lighthearted and goofy kinda fun you go Marvel. This is a very basic rule of thumb and there are so many exceptions to this idea it doesn’t really stand up very well at all – but with the characters that DC chose for Suicide Squad, a lot of them are heavily dependent on this psychological idea. Heck, one of them is literally a psychologist.

This should’ve made it really obvious that these aren’t the kind of characters you can just throw together for a film without explaining who they are and how they got together. You can’t give each character the screentime they need to really explain any of this, without sacrificing time towards the set pieces and battle scenes. Which also weakens the film.

What we need from the DCEU is some real deep thought. We want to explore these characters on screen in more depth, and we need you to stop trying to water it down and follow Marvel’s path of success. You’re not Marvel, you never were Marvel, you’re DC and you have your own fans too, so pander to them and not the Marvel audience. Do your own thing, and focus on doing that thing really well, rather than trying to copy the success of Marvel by following their franchising footsteps.




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