Islamic Terrorism; by the numbers

I’m about to do some very simple math which will either prove or disprove whether Islamic terrorism is really such a big problem in our country. We will also look whether the stigma of Islamic people is ‘justifiable’ or not. I use that word loosely, as I don’t think attacking, verbally or physically, people who haven’t done anything wrong is okay. However if there does seems to be a hugely high percentage of Islamic people involved with terrorism in the UK then at least some of the cautiousness of people will be valid.

First of all, we’re going to need some facts. To know the percentage of people involved with attacks of a specific group, first we need the total number of that group. This article here by the Telegraph, puts the number of Muslims in the UK at three million. Which roughly works out at 4.6% of the country. Now we need some statistics on terrorism in the UK.

This list here has all terrorism leading up to 2012 and I will collate all of the Islamic terrorism plots into a list at the end of this post and any others I know about – please suggest more if I missed any. I looked over the last 10 years, as far back as August 2006. Around 30 Islamic people were mentioned in these stories, across 10 years. Not all of these were born Islamic, a lot of them converted to Islam while in this country. Including Lee Rigby’s murderer and two Islamic converts who planned to commit terrorism at a canoeing event during The Olympics.

However that’s semantics. Lets look at the population of Islamic people who have actually been involved with terrorism that we can prove for sure, compared to the total population of Islamic people in the UK. That basically means finding out what percentage of three million, our thirty people from the stories below make up.

My maths shows that over the last 10 years, only 0.000001% of the total Islamic population have been linked in any way shape or form with terrorism. That’s a tiny percentage. Like so tiny that it’s kind of ridiculous to see people focusing on Islamic people as terrorists in the media all the time. It’s beyond stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar percentages for most any crime, for most any kind of person. Child molesting white males? Yeah sure, 0.000001% of white males have molested a child, are we going to treat all white men like paedophi-…oh…oh wait… we kind of already do that don’t we? Damn…

As I said in my post, if I’ve missed any stories, please do feel free to tell me about them so I can factor them into the maths. Though, I really doubt I’ve missed enough to make any kind of meaningful difference to the conclusion. Islamic Terrorism in the UK is essentially non-existent, probably thanks to hard-working intelligence officers keeping us safe, while the media keep us scared. Don’t listen to big media, they will try to manipulate you, and people like Katie Hopkins are in on this cashcow. Always remember that you are easier to manipulate when you are scared or angry, and don’t allow people to use you that way.




Two Islamic converts canoe plot:

Four Islamic men travel abroad to train and commit terrorism:

Man’s plan to suicide bomb:

12 men arrested on suspicion of terrorism:

2 men found guilty of being members of Al-Qaeda:

7 guilty in conspiracy to blow up airplane:

Lee Rigby’s murder:



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