Gavin McInnes and CopperCab

This post is regarding this one video I’ve seen and this one video only, except its merely the symptom of what I believe is a much larger problem in today’s society. The video in question is Coppercab’s appearance on The Gavin McInnes show, specifically, the first video Coppercab made since their “gender transition”.

Coppercab rose to fame when they took on the issues of people bullying ginger people for being ginger. Success bloomed when South Park made a parody of the video, and Coppercab blew up with anger about it. The more people poked at this piñata, the more candy came falling out. Coppercab’s responses have been explosive and manic and to those unaware of the severity mental illness can have – its hilarious to watch.

So it’s no surprise when Gavin McInnes called Coppercab back onto the show. Given the track record of Coppercab exploding on call numerous other times with Gavin, I sat down to watch this video prepared and ready for the inevitable. Oh boy was I not disappointed. I’m not going to pick on Coppercab too much here, merely use this video to explain something I’ve seen in one of the trans communities I’ve been involved with.

First of all, Gavin hits the nail right on the head – as soon as Coppercab becomes visibly upset and anxious, Gavin, like most humans, tries to settle those feelings down. He says things like “you’re beautiful” – “you’re a real southern belle” – “you look wonderful in your dress” and although these comments may have been tongue-in-cheek for Gavin. They work the same way for Coppercab. They’re compliments, validation for Cab’s transition. “You are doing the right thing”. This is exactly what happens anytime anyone says anything about being trans, or gay, or whatever. They’re seen as taboo topics that you can’t talk badly about or not believe in. The best example of this is South Park, where Kyle is forced to say that Caitlyn Jenner is his hero and a stunning beautiful woman, so that people will stop drawing dicks on his face. The dicks on the face symbolise how you’re written off as “just a dick” for having an opinion that differs from the mainstream.

The media has taken the growing visibility of trans people and warped it into this good vibes article that they can just show every now and then to make people feel good. “Look we’re all so accepting of this person, we’re great people.” You will hardly ever find anyone in big media talking negatively about trans people. Those who do often don’t tend to keep their jobs for very long. It’s the cult of acceptance taking over, blindly accepting whatever we’re told because the primary source of that information is telling us that’s how it is.

That’s exactly what we see in the Gavin McInnes x Coppercab video, except Gavin doesn’t just blindly accept what he’s told straight up. He questions Coppercab about transition, appearance, etc and yes, Gavin is a total asshole about the whole thing, but this isn’t as telling as Coppercab’s reaction in my opinion. See, Coppercab reacts in usual Coppercab fashion, getting angry, shouting, storming off, making bold hand gestures and so forth. If you’ve ever seen a Coppercab video you know exactly what to expect. What’s especially bad, is Coppercab’s need to prove their transition. Throughout the video, Coppercab goes crazy, doing crazy things, to try and prove that they’re transitioning, because Coppercab needs that validation to keep continuing transition. Without it, then what’s the point? So cab doesn’t mind showing a titty, or trying to put on a dress, or clicking their fingers in the air like a 70s black caricature. Even doing stuff like moving close to the camera to apply lip liner, and trying to be sexualised by putting their tongue out – the need to prove their gender’s legitimacy to other people was so strong and forceful.

I’m not saying this is how all trans people are, a lot of them have serious issues that need to be seriously resolved somehow. If transition is the way forwards, then by all means, go right ahead. A lot of these people will have to prove their gender’s legitimacy to professionals and family and friends too, though I doubt they’ll do it by getting a tit out. However there is also a growing trend of people who aren’t suffering from these serious issues of gender dysphoria hopping on the bandwagon. Trans people have been given a golden ticket of acceptance in the media in recent years, and it’s unsurprising that people are trying to get involved with that even when they’ve previously had no beliefs they were trans themselves. Because if you could have people blindly accept you, think you’re brave, courageous, and a stunning beautiful woman, all for doing very little to deserve it – why in heck would you not?

A lot of my trans friends would say the same things I’m saying now. There is a problem with people who don’t need to transition, attempting to transition. Being depressed doesn’t automatically make you trans, there is a lot more to it than that, and it’s insulting to my friends for people like Coppercab to use transition in this way. Yet the media is already having a field day with Cab’s coming out. Plastering it all over my Facebook feed, and in various blogs that I read regularly too. It’s quite overwhelmingly positive, just as predicted. Coppercab is getting the validation they wanted for their appearance, and they haven’t done squat to deserve that.

Here’s a direct quote from a transgender female that I’m close friends with. She’s around my age, and has began transition around 5 years ago. Her identity will remain anonymous:

“the fuck is this, why are you showing me this? This is awful, its so cringey. No wonder people hate us if that’s what trans people are like in America. Please make it stop”.





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