Diversity doesn’t help businesses

Diversity is a rather touchy subject right now, with a lot of people calling for more of it and praising it as a great thing. Where I agree with some aspects of the diversity argument, such as the ability to get great food, meet people with different ideas, perspectives and cultures to my own. There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with regarding the idea of forcing diversity.

One of which is somewhat related to what I usually blog about, but also extends much further. I often blog about politics, and it wasn’t such a recent news story where our PM at the time, David Cameron, since that changed like… last week – stated that he would be shuffling Parliament to get more females in. There are even articles posted as recent as today calling for a straight 50/50 split between men and women in Parliament. Claiming “this is the only way to have a truly representative democracy.” Although this is for the New Zealand parliament, I think it still points to the same conclusion. The idea of equality and diversity we have is really, really wrong.

This idea isn’t just confined to politics either, its common in feminist rhetoric to bring up statistics which show a drastically disproportionate number of high earning CEOs as male, and not the 50/50 split they want.

Like I said at the time of David Cameron’s announcement for his reshuffle, and as I will again say now; we don’t need more women, we need better politicians. Now, I’m not saying that there won’t be women that are better politicians than men – that’s totally not what I’m getting at. What I’m getting at is that hiring the best person of a gender, because you want more of that gender in your company doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best worker. This works across all kinds of groups pro-diversity campaigners talk about.

You may very well find that the best candidates according to their resumés and interview skills are all straight white males, but if you have a forced diversity quota, you’re going to have to settle for less. With the people who are campaigning for 50/50 splits in NZ Parliament the same applies, your diversity quota may increase women – but lets say of the 30 candidates, the best 12 are all women, your diversity quota means you have to settle for 6 less good candidates to keep it 50/50.

To put it short, diversity quotas are modern day tokenism set at alleviating guilt and satiating the minority call for this faux idea of “equality”. They do not help anyone, but yourself feel better about the fact that sexism, racism and all the other bad-isms exist.

Instead of forcing diversity, why don’t we try a system that doesn’t push these qualities that we don’t want to be discriminated on to the forefront? Instead of companies or even Parliament taking into account gender or race etc, why not work in a way that is blind to these aspects? That would be truly an equal system, not one that forces jobs into the hands of candidates that may not have deserved it the most.



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