Are our MPs accountable?

This is a blog post I’ve really, really, really wanted to write for a long time now. It seems like every week there’s a new thing that makes us not trust, dislike and hate on our MPs. It furthers disenfranchisement and leaves people feeling totally unconnected from the people they elected to represent them. It’s the whole idea that our MPs just tend to do bad things and continue to get away with it, week after week.

Recently in Britain, we’ve had a tough time of it in terms of political news. Brexit, resignations, new PM, Labour coup and the long awaited Chilcot Inquiry. It really hasn’t been good times for us. Yet we see the same faces, doing the same jobs as if nothing happened. I don’t know about you, but if I started an illegal war and destabilised the middle east to the point of being the perfect breeding ground for international terrorist group ISIS to form – well… I’d probably not just lose my job, but be in prison. Yet for some reason, our politicians seem to be able to do whatever they want and nothing ever happens.

It makes you angry to the point of feeling physically sick. Take one of the more recent stories of Brexit. Legal academics have stated that the propaganda delivered by both sides of the argument were criminally irresponsible. Neither side took the debate seriously and neither side expected Leave to win – leaving us fully unprepared for the Brexit vote. It’s a total shambles and the people you elected to be in charge of making sure all of this goes down well, just didn’t do that job. Yet there’s nothing that can be done, they are elected officials and will remain that way until the next general election. From there we rely on the media and our memories of 650 individual people to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again.

I don’t think this is good enough. Not one bit. In my honest opinion there should be some way of holding MPs accountable for their actions. If an MP is caught outright lying to, or misrepresenting truths to their constituents, then they should lose the right to ever work in politics again. We can’t ever have an honest form of politics until there are punishments, real actual punishments – that happen at the time of the incident, not 10 years on. I’m not saying we should start throwing all politicians in prison for doing wrong, but at the very least if they are proving they are incapable of representing their constituents as they were elected in any kind of honest way, then why should they be allowed to continue doing that?

The way politics is done right now is underhanded, and it’s no wonder people don’t trust what politicians say. But when we give them the ability to lie to us and get away with it, then we’re not going to get anything else from them. The best way for a politician to win a vote is to be a better candidate than others, but if you’re allowed to make up the reasons why you’re a better candidate with no accountability for that… well… people are just going to make things up. You might look at them afterwards and say “but Politician McPoliticianFace you said all these amazingly great things about yourself and your proposals and none of them are true” and that politician is just going to look at you and shrug, before dancing away with their £74k a year pay packet.

One suggestion for this would be some kind of regulatory body that regulates and delivers legally binding discipline to politicians. Forcing them either out of their jobs for big lies and really troublesome propaganda like that of Brexit, or even to make apologies and address the people they’re screwing over. What’s clear is that the current system we have where politicians are allowed to do and say nearly whatever the hell they want to people and the only option for discipline is their own party pushing them out, is not good enough. We need a system to regulate our politicians, we need to put the reigns on them so that we can trust them again, because people really do not trust politicians, at all.

If you have a petition to this effect, I will gladly sign and share, please just message me on twitter or something. Thank you.




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