Thought Experiment; The Grenade

Here’s a thought experiment I came up with, I’d really appreciate hearing your choices and why you’d make that choice. You can respond to me here in the comments section or on my Twitter. Thank you, and please feel free to share.


Please note, this isn’t a complete analogy for Trident. It’s simply an analogy regarding using Trident as a retaliatory strike. The analogy works on the assumption that you are going to be shot/nuked and is about what you would decide in this situation. Would you retaliate and kill millions?

If you plan to tell me that this analogy doesn’t encompass the whole Trident debate, you’re right, it doesn’t. It was never meant to, it’s simply a response to Theresa May saying she would use Trident to retaliate against a first strike. The question this analogy poses is very simplified and on an incredibly smaller scale than an actual nuclear retaliation. I am aware of these things. It doesn’t somehow make the analogy flawed or irrelevant or bad, it’s just simply not about the whole debate of Trident, and about one small specific part of it. Would you retaliate and kill innocent people? Yes or no.

(update: I didn’t include family or loved ones at all in the scenario, because I wanted to keep it very much a personal question of morality, and not give anyone any excuses to make a decision one way or another. The idea is that this is a decision you will be making, and “the greater good” or “loved ones” or any other reason shouldn’t impact your decision. Its just a simple, would you be able to retaliate, knowing exactly what that means for everyone around you? Regardless of whether you know them or not.)


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