People who call things “problematic”

This is my pet peeve of the hour. I encounter this a lot online, especially when I go looking for discussions to I can research and talk about things I’m going to write about on my blog. It’s a neat handy way I’ve found that helps keep me on track and focused on new stuff to write about. Yet my discussion seems to come to an end whenever anyone mentions the word “problematic”.

Because it doesn’t mean anything, its a non-word at this point. It’s often used by people arguing things and the crowd known as “social justice warriors”. In short its supposed to mean that “there are problems with this, and this is why” yet nobody ever goes to explain the and this is why part. Instead problematic tends to stop right there at the word, problematic.

See in this context problematic has stopped actually meaning anything and now just means “I don’t like this thing”. Trans people describe the toilet laws and rules as “problematic” black people calling police brutality “problematic” and yeah in the initial use of these words, it absolutely makes sense. It looks right and sounds right, but if we look closer we don’t see reasons why this is problematic, we don’t see hard evidence to support their belief in the problematic nature of the thing they’re talking about. There’s simply nothing, and empty void where information should be.

If we take another word and put in that place, a less negative word and a more positive word like… Amazing. The bathroom issue for trans people is amazing. Police brutality against black people is amazing. Most people will look at this and think what? Why? Explain yourself! Yet we refuse to do the same when we see such an open ended non-response like “that’s problematic”.

What’s truly problematic is the use of the word problematic in today’s social media world, because of all the reasons I’ve listed above. Also just because you know you want to say “that’s retarded” instead but you’re too busy trying to be PC about everything so no SJW can call you out on your bullshit, but that’s for another blog post.





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