PoodleCorp and why you shouldn’t care

Currents events blog woo. So today Pokemon Go was taken down for a few hours using a DDoS type attack. Who has taken responsibility for this most heinous act? None other than your local PoodleCorp, that’s who. I know, I know, you’re sitting there thinking, what? who? what is this?! So let me explain.

As hundreds of other articles and blogs have explained already a DDoS attack is basically like a virtual sit-in. Where masses of people sit in to protest and generally cause disturbance to businesses and places they have a problem with. If you have 500 people in your coffee shop not buying coffee, it makes it really difficult to continue serving other people. That’s what a DDoS attack is, except online and with less people but more power. As hackers tend to use botnets to do this, botnets being a big mesh of computers all linked together and being controlled and told what to do by another computer. One person in this instance can be in control of thousands of other computers, meaning the impact can be devastating. Even to companies who have supremely high bandwidth and heavy duty servers like those on Pokemon Go.

I guess the only real difference between sit-ins and DDoS attacks tends to be the intention. Sit-ins are a protest, and DDoS attacks tend to be malicious.

WIth the technobabble out of the way, here’s exactly why you shouldn’t care about PoodleCorp. They’re just some kids, with some computers, doing “epic” things for the “lulz” of it. I was raised in the 90s, before the internet really got huge. So the only thing I really have to compare this to is things like spray painting obscenities on walls, or setting fires in bins on parks at night. It’s the internet version of the mindless vandalism that you sometimes may have done as a child. In short, their plan is to just disrupt and annoy people, and to make a name for themselves doing it. “Haha, we got another one! Look how mad they are! xD”

So by spamming their twitter and using their hashtag, and using their name and giving them all this attention they so desperately crave; you’re just setting yourself up to be annoyed when they do the exact same thing another time. The best practice is to just ignore them and move on, because every angry post and every upset person, is one more reason for them to continue doing what they’re doing. Leave caring about who these people are to the police, stop spreading their name and doing their work for them. After all, they’re just teenagers lashing out for attention, don’t feed the troll.

If you’re one of the PoopdleSquad and reading this here’s a little message; Well done, you stopped people being able to connect to an already incredibly strained set of servers. You’re so epic omg. It’s like KMS never went to prison! (Either Rory or Ryan). 


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