Pokemon Go broke the rules

If you’re British, like my self, you might have noticed the lack of Pokemon go on the store. Much to the chagrin of basically my whole generation. The delays mean we’re behind, unable to download the game and unable to take part in our childhoods again. This has been one of the biggest talking points and outrages for anyone in my age group. “I can’t get Pokemon Go!”has been posted on my Facebook numerous times already.

Except, you can get Pokemon go, you just cant download it from your device’s app store yet. It’s not released on the European store, but the app released in America is the exact same app that will be released here anyway. So to get it you simply download it from the internet then transfer it to your device and run it. Really, really simple.

More importantly is how this information has broken the rules. The way software and media licenses work, is often region locked. This is part of the reason there are so many different release dates for different media in different countries. Although the media is officially released, it’s not licensed in those countries yet, meaning it can’t be displayed by broadcasting companies yet. Another reason Europe tends to be last in release dates, is because of the amount of languages needed to be included on our DVDs.


Except, big time journalists like The Guardian, and major PC websites like PC Advisor have both played a part in circumventing this. They’ve provided links and tutorials on how to get Pokemon Go! on your device, despite it not being officially released yet. This is a fairly unprecedented event, usually companies such as the above would stay away from this kind of thing. Especially The Guardian.

I guess the intense desire to catch ’em all has overcome their senses a little. There aren’t really any known consequences of this kind of action, they could be open to a lawsuit and have to pay damages. Not because of loss of revenue from the app being downloaded, since it’s a free app, but because of the strain we’re probably putting on the servers. The delays in Europe have been rumoured to be because Niantic underestimated the success of this game. Not putting enough servers in action has caused major crashes and left people unable to play.


I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we in the UK are playing on the American servers. This probably explains why there are so many server issues late at night, because that’s when the majority of Americans are playing.  Any person playing is probably putting a lot of extra strain on an already strained server farm. Which could be quite costly.

In other news, I caught a Meowth yesterday.





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