Is it #heterosexualpride every day?

I’m writing this blog after a few exchanges with a not-guy named Tori on Twitter. I’ve been using Twitter a lot recently because it feels kinda nice to connect with and see what other people are saying about specific things. That’s why the hashtag system is so great, in my opinion. I can zoom right in on specific areas of things and tell the general consensus about what’s going on, or see the debates about what’s going on. Its really handy when you’re trying to write blog posts about social media and things going on in society.

I wrote a blog about #Heterosexualprideday the Twitter hashtag that seems to have a lot of people in a bit of a mood. See, a lot of people don’t believe that heterosexuals should celebrate their sexuality. I picked one person to reply to, my new friend Tori, and we had a long and fruitful exchange about this whole hashtag palaver. It kind came down to them trying to say one thing that would invalidate the ‘need’ for a #heterosexualprideday. That one thing was that its “straight pride day every day”.


Now this is a common thing I’ve heard from communities around the internet, most notably is Tumblr. Which has a huge collection of young teens and tweens as its main userbase. They love this line about “its straight pride day every day”, it kind of mirrors the whole “it’s white history month every month” line that comes out whenever its Black History month. The difference here is that historically speaking, white people have been muting and silencing black achievements to maintain the status quo of whites on top and black on bottom. Black History Month serves a great purposes of teaching black kids that actually, there is more to their history than the “you were all savages swinging from trees and we saved you” line they are usually fed.

Whereas with historic gay people, such as Turing and Oscar Wilde we see that they have been celebrated despite their gayness. Their contributions to history are literally taught in High schools and have been for many years. It’s vastly different to the Black History Month idea, and the idea that its “white history month every month”.

But all of that aside, is it actually straight pride day every day? According to my pal Tori it is, their reasoning for such is that there are things such as films like The Notebook and other heterosexual media. They believe this is a celebration of heterosexuality and invalidates the need or desire for heterosexuals to want to celebrate their sexuality too. Yet media which focuses on homosexual relationships, is not at all the same thing and doesn’t invalidate their need or desire for Gay Pride. I imagine their logic for this is because of the fact that there is more straight media than gay media, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

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You see there’s a majority of people who identify as straight, or heterosexual. This means they are the biggest market, which obviously means you’re going to have a lot of people reaching into this market to try and grab some of their cash. The bigger the market, the more people can fit around it to try and get their hands on stuff, which is why you have a lot of straight media. Whereas since homosexuality is the minority, you will see less people trying to get in on that market, because its a lot harder and there’s less money to go around. It’s not good business sense to make films that alienate the majority of the population. This is why films like Transformers manage to succeed, they are the baseline for appealing to the majority market.

The same reason why you don’t see many UK films about speaking Finnish. Because Finnish speaking UK citizens are a tiny, tiny, tiny minority. It would not be profitable to make this kind of film. This is the same way Hollywood etc have felt about homosexuality for years, and why most of the relationships in media tend to be straight. It isn’t a celebration of straightness, its quite simply, a marketing ploy to get your money. So unless pride and celebration actually means “attempts to get your money from you” then there is no way that it is straight pride day everyday.

There were more reasons that my buddy Tori went over, but they’re essentially meaningless. Claiming people shouldn’t have a right to celebrate their sexuality because you think they haven’t earnt that; through being discriminated against or bullied, isn’t a good thing. What they’re saying is that the only way to be proud of your sexuality, or yourself, is to have gone through hard times, been bullied or picked on etc – which is something we’re aiming to move away from, not towards. Meaning a lot of homosexual people will have never experienced this, do they not have the right to celebrate either?

As I said in my previous blog on the hashtag, live and let live, love and let love, everyone has the right to celebrate their sexuality, not just homosexuals.

PS Tori if you want me to remove the link to your profile from here, just ask, I don’t mind. It was nice having a fairly civil discussion with you, even if I hugely disagree with what you were saying. 

Have a nice day. 🙂 




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