So this is a funny one.

Heterosexual Pride Day is a hashtag circulating on Twitter right now, with around 15,000 tweets to its name. Though once you click the hashtag and have a little look around, you notice something. Most of the tweets aren’t from proud hets being proud of their sexuality and enjoying it. It’s of people arguing against it, calling it ridiculous and so forth. I can kind of see why they would do that, but I disagree with their actions and think its total bullshit that they’d try and tell people they can’t be proud of their sexuality. Purely on the basis their sexuality is the majority.


Pride for LGBT has always been a big event and it means a lot to the people who attend or even don’t attend and just see it happening. It’s a celebration of personal freedom, to choose who you love and who you want to be. It’s amazing that we’ve gone from homosexuals and transsexuals being locked in mental asylums or prisons to where we are now. With whole swathes of populations willing to stand up and say “yeah, I’m happy these people are happy”. Its a real symbol of unity regardless of difference, a symbol of freedom and a celebration of humanity.

These events are not solely for LGBT individuals, anyone can attend and take part in the pride of the LGBT community. Its a celebration after all and the more the merrier? Right? Apparently not. Gay Pride day has been cemented as an event that will always happen and has happened for years now, but they don’t want to share the pride of sexuality at all. Tweets from people asking why make a heterosexual pride day? what’s the point? etc are symptomatic of the problem with how we understand sexuality. 10422010_733223513383013_6303023483152237046_n

I wrote about my opinions on sexuality in blogs before now; and I feel strongly about our misunderstandings of sexuality. It sucks that its lead us to reverse homophobic behaviour into heterophobic behaviour. People telling other people they shouldn’t be proud of their sexuality just because it isn’t the minority. It’s kind of ridiculous. It goes back to my #ProudToBe post too, part of the reason I’m not #ProudToBe  is because of the other people in the community. I don’t want to associate with bigots who would tell straight people not to be happy for being straight, not to have a celebration of their sexuality, because they’re straight. I’m for #SexualityPrideDay – for all sexualities and identities; not just the ones I personally deem worthy.

#HeterosexualPrideDay is important; because it shows us that all sexualities should be respected and celebrated, not just the LGBT ones. We need this so that we can stop seeing heterosexuality as the default sexuality, and other sexualities as something different or abormal. We’re all normal, and yeah, more of us might be one way or another, but we should all be proud and happy of who we are, regardless of which label you attribute to yourself.

To all the people hating on the idea of heterosexual people celebrating their sexuality, please, take a look in the mirror and imagine someone was saying that to you about your sexuality. You don’t like it? So why are you doing it to other people?


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