Facts about MEPs

Following the result of the Brexit decision, I’ve been putting in a few extra hours trying to research a few facts. There’s so much data out there right now, that it makes it really difficult for someone who blogs in their spare time; and whose Google-Fu is slightly above average. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to track down a few facts for you today, and I hope you enjoy them.

My facts are all going to be based around the European Parliament and our elected officials. These facts are important, they help us see exactly who felt disenfranchised with the EU and may even give us a reason as to why. The first fact for this blog post is that only 35.60% people in the UK actually voted in the MEP election of 2014.That’s a shockingly low turnout, compared to Belgium’s 89.64%. MEPs are who represent you and your country in the European Parliament, put simply it is their job to make our funny British accents heard.


My second fact is that there are more UKIP members than any other party.. UKIP’s sole objective has been to make the United Kingdom independent from Europe. The clue is in the name. So 22 of the 73 elected officials we have to make our voice heard in Europe, are totally uninterested in Europe. This is again, a kind of shocking result. Surely you’d want to elect people who were interested in Europe and being in it, who felt passionately about it. They are the people who would best represent us. Not people whose sole objective is to oppose our place in the European Union altogether.

My third fact; The majority of remain campaigners had the highest voting attendance, while the majority of leave campaigners had the lowest. This is empirical evidence of the lack of interest and effort put in by our elected officials in the EU. They couldn’t even be bothered to vote on issues the EU were raising, they had no intentions of caring for that unified Europe we’ve all grown up with and cherished dearly. These were not responsible elected officials.


Roughly 1/3rd of people voted for our representatives in Europe. Of the winners, a majority of them were remain supporters. However almost 1/3rd of the 73 officials were people who wanted nothing to do with Europe, and actively worked against the system by not being active within it and voting. Of 73, only 30 had 90% or higher voting record, four were leave campaigners. Only 15 had 95% or higher, and only two were leave campaigners. On the flipside 27 MEPs had less than 80% voting record 6 were remain, one undeclared.

Isn’t this just… a farce? I mean really? How can leave campaigners and supporters really say that we didn’t have a voice in Europe; when these ones in particular were the voice we had in Europe, but refused to speak? Sure, we didn’t have a voice – but could we? If we voted better representatives into these positions?

All of these stats and facts are embarrassing for me as a Brit. I just simply can’t really believe how little effort the majority of leave campaigners put in to actually doing their jobs. Yet still have the nerve to tell us we don’t have a voice in Europe! I’m not really sure how to finish this post, because I’m so angry. I feel like this will just end in another ranty paragraph if I don’t just end it.

Thanks for reading. Keep calm and Carry on Britain. PS here’s something nice, at least most of our MEPs were remain.




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