Am I #ProudToBe?


This is a YouTube ran campaign, where YouTubers talk about their labels and why they are proud to associate with that label. It’s all well meaning and is supposed to spread awareness and a good positive message for YouTubers all around. Though as I said in my recent blog on sexuality, I find it really hard to enjoy this kind of movement. On the basis that I kind of feel like people don’t really understand sexuality at all.

My own sexuality I don’t really put labels on, because I respect that I don’t really know about it. I’ve been attracted to or had sex with a huge variety of different people. Across age groups, race, gender. It’s never really been that much of a barrier to me. I see my sexuality as really fluid, constantly changing and adapting. One day I might find one thing hot and the next day I might not feel the same. It’s just easier for me to abandon labels entirely than keep switching. Or even worse, finding a label that applies, then shoehorning the rest of my self into that box.

I don’t like the limitations it places on us as human beings. We’re essentially oppressing ourselves by not allowing ourselves the freedom to have sexuality, without creating barriers for it. When a male likes another male, defining those people as gay rules out the possibility of them having female partners later in life. They have this identity they have to live up to, because its what other people know them as. I think this is a big problem with our understanding of sexuality and I’d really like to see a world where this system is forgotten.

So I think my answer is no, I’m not #ProudToBe – because I don’t think I am. I don’t care to know if I am either. And I like it this way.


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