Does it matter if shooters are _______ ?

This is one of the hottest issues to talk about right now, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean that in the “talking about this will leave you burnt” kind of way. With two the Pulse Massacre and Christina Grimmie killing being fresh off the presses, everyone is being quick to throw their opinions down; and I’m no different. Most importantly people don’t want one person’s actions being the standard that is set for people who are like that person.

Now I can agree with that sentiment at face value, we shouldn’t treat Islamic people badly because of other Islamic people doing bad things; that’s not okay. Likewise when Dylan Roof launched his racially motivated attack last year, we shouldn’t blame all white people. That’s a given; and I can understand why people are fighting for that opinion to be heard across social media.


However with this notion that not all people are the exact same as anyone with common qualities is the rising idea that it doesn’t matter who they are or what their lives were like. Pressure is being put on press and media to not report ethnicity or religious associations – because it sets a bad example for other people who aren’t murderers. Again, at face value this is fine, its just that face value is weak and undermines the exact reasons law enforcement use techniques like profiling. These things do matter, they are important, because what you learn means you might be able to prevent crimes like this happening again.

This obviously translates in law enforcement circles, but its harder to see for our every day lives. The sad truth of human reality right now is that we don’t live in a land of candyfloss and love. Bad things do happen, and its good to be cautious, because then you are more prepared and can potentially lower the severity. When attacks happen, its good to know everything you can possibly know about that kind of person, you can be aware for it in the future. When terrorists and armed shooters can be anyone at any time; then being cautious and careful around people at least gives you a better chance.


I don’t think I’m wrong in seeing the rising cases of Islamic extremism and then edging my bets in my life to avoid any potential of disaster. When I put my hand in a fire I learn that fire burns me. When I see multiple cases of Islamic extremism taking, taking lives, destroying buildings etc – I learn the same thing, and rather than be burnt by my ignorance towards evidence, in the name of political correctness. I’m cautious and more wary of this kind of person.

Nearly every mass killing is a total surprise to the victim. Not just because of the secret nature of the planning, but also the lack of cautiousness within our people. It’s time we stop being so sensitive about race and ethnicity and religion, and instead start taking more responsibility for ourselves. We have to face up to the facts of our reality, and that is that it isn’t safe, any one around you could be the next mass killer and the things we learn from other mass killers are crucial. Crucial for helping us recognise and identify future mass killers, before they have chance to strike. The things we learn from mas killers, are literally the only thing that will give us any chance of stopping future attacks from happening. Everyone is aware not all insert type of person here are bad, that’s besides the point, and is putting you in danger

I know this blog is controversial, but we can’t just keep ignoring things that make us feel uncomfortable. Don’t be dick to Muslims, that goes without saying, but be cautious around people because paying attention and being aware of possible danger is the only way to avoid it.



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