Another Notch on the equality belt

I’ve only just caught wind of this through social media, and I wasn’t going to cover it because it wasn’t that important. Until I had a brief discussion on social media with someone who claimed that this guy and the game he made were “dead” to them. What caused such an outrage you ask? Well the guy in question merely perceived some inequality and made a post about how it was wrong.

Yes, this story is the Notch vs Feminists of twitter story. It’s a really short and simple story, which has been blown out of proportion and is now being used to discredit and shame Notch. Perhaps as some kind of internet version of a boycott – where it’s not just  you and your organised group who stop interacting with Notch, but anyone who falls for your propaganda too.


The story is simple. Notch had a problem with the idea of mansplaining and how it was being used to silence men and tell them they weren’t allowed a voice on anything because they are men. We can all agree that mansplaining in this context is sexist and a sign of inequality. Whereas we can all agree that the wider context of mansplaining is to shine a light on men who patronise and speak condescendingly to women for being women. The way mansplaining as a term is used often varies between the two above versions depending on the context in which its being used. Notch merely pointed out that the former version of this is sexist and wrong; and that those doing it should be self-aware in their fight for equality by treating half the population inequally.

This caused a tirade of explosions and faux-feminists to get involved. You know, the kind of people who call themselves a feminist because its fashionable right now. Jennifer Lawrence I’m looking at you. They called him out and called him names and harassed him and essentially swarmed his Twitter feed to tell him how his opinion on this context of a word was wrong and unfair.


In a blatant attempt to discredit and dismiss him further, one article even went as far as to focus on the fact he had called someone a cunt. Obviously leaving out the part before this where someone first called him a dick and his cunt post was only a response to other people namecalling. These kind of faux-feminist need to really reflect upon their own flaws before they begin trying to quash out the flaws they perceive in other people. You are not right just because you think you are, please look at the bigger picture and stop being sexist.


@Notch, you did nothing wrong, and if I had ever bought or played your games this wouldn’t change my opinion of them or you. I hope this blows over soon and that the propaganda and blatant mistruths that will be told about you regarding this incident will get swept away. Though I’m not sure that’s really going to happen I’m afraid.

@Faux-feminists: Inequality is inequality, if you’re treating men differently because they are men, you are being part of the problem and not part of the solution. I don’t care how many centuries women were oppressed for, it doesn’t make it right to try and oppress and marginalise people today. You’re the one making that choice and so you’re the one being sexist.



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