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Kent Host: Hi, and welcome. Today, we’re discussing transgenderismology. We’ve got our experts, Miranda Nimby from Concerned Mums Who Have Never Met A Trans Person, and Professor Doctor Barry Scienceman (area of expertise: Astrophysics).

Miranda: Thanks, Kent,

Barry: Great to be here.

Kent Host: So, Miranda, why don’t you start by outlining your concerns?

Miranda: Well, Kent, I just think that all these things are moving too fast. When I was a child, I loved reading about George in the Famous Five. But did you know that if George existed today, she would be forcibly bundled off to a Gender Reassignment Camp, force-fed hormones, sterilised, have a beard superglued to her face, and then indoctrinated into the patriarchy?

Kent Host: Wow, that sounds dreadful. Barry, what’s your perspective?

Barry: Well, as an astrophysicist, this isn’t really a subject I’m qualified to comment on. But if I were to wildly speculate, I would assume that…

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#bansparency @twitter @jack

Please make sure to have a real life human look at this appeal. I really need you to see my twitter account in context because my ban is totally unjust. Hi there, you claim I'm hateful and that I deserve to be banned. However if you take some time to read my twitter feed you'd … Continue reading #bansparency @twitter @jack


This is a hashtag used by the anti-trans brigade to showcase trans people doing or saying bad things. The usual format is some non-trans person is out there doing something, encounters a trans person acting kinda shitty, realising the shitty behaviour our non-trans friend posts about it online. The madfems then all crowd around them … Continue reading #PeakTrans

Riley doesn’t know what male is.

https://twitter.com/RileyJayDennis/status/920720478909620224 https://twitter.com/RileyJayDennis/status/920720561927462912 There were other tweets in this chain of similar crap. These are the ones that are most relevant about what I want to talk about today. What is male? and are trans women male? When we use the word male (or female) in relation to humans - we're talking about the body of a … Continue reading Riley doesn’t know what male is.